Mobile device notifications hinder employee training efforts

Unless your organization doesn’t allow personal mobile devices (i.e. their cell phones) at your employee’s desks, today’s computer based training is getting to be all that more challenging.  Between Powerball news notifications, Facebook likes, and text messages, our lives at our desks are more interrupt driven than they’ve ever been.  Try and roll out a 30-minute computer based training course and you’re toast!  Your employees will zone in and out if they aren’t engaged.

How do they become engaged?  Brevity.  Training has to be in small bits and pieces now if it is delivered outside of a controlled environment.  Think about when you see a video that’s been shared on Facebook, and that video is only 3 minutes long… you can’t afford to not pay attention, as you might miss the point of the video.  Subconsciously, even if your phone goes off, you’ll not pay attention to it because you know that there is only a short time left in the video you’re watching, and you can look at it after.  BAM!  You’ve got engagement.

If you’ve got a way to deliver your training in very small and engaging bite sized chunks, the learning and retention that takes place grows substantially.

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