How it really happened : NINJIO Season 1, Episode 4, Sunny Pictures Spear Phishing

As we saw in the Sunny Pictures Episode, Janine was caught right in the middle of a Spear Phishing attack.  The attacker did their homework on Janine,  figured out where she worked, and what department she was in.  They then handcrafted an email sent directly to her hoping that she would take the bait.  She did!  Hackers today are now a combination of “Scam Artists” and “Hacker” or as we like to now call them, “Skackers”.  It is really important that you pay close attention to every email that hits your inbox, and even if it looks the least bit suspicious, let your I.T. department or the proper personnel know!


  1. Sony Hackers Used Phishing Emails to Breach Company Networks

Sony Entertainment was the victim of a spear phishing attack that was even able to reach the CEO’s inbox. This article discusses how hackers were able to send emails directly to Sony Entertainment using Apple ID information.


  1. Spear Phishing: Scam, Not Sport

Spear phishing is a direct attack on a specific employee that has access to sensitive data such as human resource information. The attacker usually gains access to the employee’s information using social media. This article discusses the way hackers gain access to data so that they can then target an employee.


  1. Hacker Lexicon: What are Phishing and Spear Phishing?

Phishing and spear phishing are different types of attacks although there is some overlap between the two types. This article discusses both and highlights some of the companies that are targets for spear phishing.


  1. Spear Phishing 101

Some users have heard of phishing, but spear phishing is new terminology. This article discusses spear phishing, how an attacker gets employee information, and what happens after the hacker gains access to credentials.


  1. Omaha Company Loses $17 Million to a Spear Phishing Attack

This article focuses on a recent successful spear phishing attack where hackers were able to convince a large company to send $17 million to a Chinese bank account.


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