How it really happened : NINJIO Season 2, Episode 2, Real Estate Wire Fraud

n our 2nd Episode of Season 2, a young family wires their 650k down payment for their new home to a fraudulent account. We come to find out that a hacker has taken over their real estate agent’s email account, and just as they were about to wire the money to one account, the hacker has them wire money to a fraudulent account.  This is growing into an epidemic of real estate wire fraud impacting would be home owners across the country.  




Security Firm Issues Fraud Warning to Agents

The National Association of Realtors, as early as a month ago published this warning.  This is a serious issue at a National level. 


It can happen in more ways that just one

While the traditional “Business Email Compromise” (BEC)  hack is the most common, this shows how hackers are literally evolving their methods by the day.


Six Steps for keeping your real estate transaction secure

This article covers six ways that you can keep your real-estate transaction secure.


Let the lawsuits begin!

Real Estate Wire Fraud is ripe territory for lawsuits as emotions fly very high.

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