A “Conservative Pivot” after Season 1, Episode 7

Something that I didn’t write about which I should have back in July of 2016, was the “Conservative Pivot” that we made after the release of Season 1, Episode 7.

When we set out to create our content, we wanted to tell the story as accurately as possible (at times inserting our own attack vector when necessary).  In some cases, this means that we singled out a racial or ethnic group.  In other cases, there were guns and violence that entered the picture.

We received some constructive criticism from a number of current clients, and addition feedback from larger organizations.

Beginning with Season 1, Episode 8, we made a “conservative pivot” such that the above instances would no longer happen.  In addition we focused on giving equal leadership roles between male and female, and we vet our episodes through various advisers to ensure that the content will be accepted into even the most conservative of organizations.

I like to tell people about this so that we are not “judged” solely on our earliest content.  If you would like to see a list of our current work, you can visit https://ninjio.com/2017-season-lineup/

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– Zack Schuler

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