How it really happened : NINJIO Season 2, Episode 9, Pension Plan Telescam


In NINJIO’s Season 2, Episode 9, we start with a celebration; after years of hard work, Bob is ready to retire.  Or he was, until telephone scammers used some of their key tactics to get to him, and his money. When receiving a phone call from someone who is requesting personal information (even if the caller ID seems to verify their identity) you should look up the organization’s phone number and give them a call back. 


It’s not just you: Robocalls and phone scams are absolutely on the rise

Always be careful and never give out your information; Time discusses the rise of phone scams and caller ID spoofing.


FCC proposes record $120 million fine for man in robocall scheme

CBS details just how much someone can make running one of these spoofing schemes – and just how much they can lose.


Is the FBI calling me?  Nope, it’s a scam

Threats and claims to authority are commonly used in these attacks; a local news source looks at tactics used around their home town to fraud people out of money.


How to protect yourself from caller ID spoofing

Using these methods to fraud people is largely prohibited, and Tripwire discusses protecting yourself and legal recourse.


How to spot a pension scam

These scams are everywhere, and the advice remains the same for everyone – the Money Advice Service in the UK discusses ways to recognize pension scams.


11 tips on how to avoid pension scams in 2020

UK Care Guide has put together a guide to help catch and avoid these scams.

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  • Brian Ball
    Posted at 00:44h, 08 February

    Fine but….its possible in the UK if you call the number directly back the line can be held open but the scammer making you think that it was a legit telephone number – something you forgot to incorporate in your Video – and one that has caught many banking and Pension customers out. Please incorporate this into your Video