How it really happened : NINJIO Season 2, Episode 12, Mis-Delivery


In NINJIO’s Season 2, Episode 12, a co-worker sends an email with sensitive data to the wrong client, and Paul is incredibly upset.  He spent years cultivating his client, and with a single misdelivered email, all of that could be in jeopardy.  He needs answers and quickly goes to discuss the issue with his co-worker and their boss.  When busy multitasking and dealing with sensitive information, it’s important to take a step back and verify that emails and attachments are going exactly where intended.


Email still a nightmare for IT security

The UK’s Enterprise Times dives into the details of a survey regarding email security, covering employees who accidentally or intentionally misdelivered sensitive data.


Enterprises at Risk from Accidental Insider Threats

Security Magazine discusses accidental data loss, citing it as an even bigger culprit for information leaks than malicious action.


Boeing Notifies 36,000 Employees Following Breach

These errors can leak company and employee data; one email sent outside of Boeing exposed the personal information of thousands of employees.


“Misdelivery” Most Common IT Privacy Error

Misdelivery of inside information is a global issue; Delano, a Luxembourg news source, looked at global trends, noting that email misdelivery made up a large majority of the miscellaneous errors that lead to data breaches.


Human Error Leading Cause of Healthcare Data Breaches in 2015

Health IT Security looks at the healthcare industry and delves into the causes of errors and what organizations can do to minimize misuse of data and employee mistakes.





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