How it really happened : NINJIO Season 3, Episode 2, Paid Off, Laid Off


In NINJIO’s Season 3, Episode 2, Dan, the CFO at a large company, wanted to make everything simple.  He wanted a process so easy that he could access his company’s network from home without any additional authentication.  Going against the recommendations of his IT department, he insisted that his IT department set up a point-to-point VPN connection, but the consequences of his actions are starting to catch up with him.  When working from home, it’s important to follow all of your organization’s security policies to make sure that network access is secure and safe.


Uber Hid 2016 Breach, Paying Hackers to Delete Stolen Data

The NY Times discusses the details of the Uber breach and cover-up.


Fake WhatsApp update on Google Play promoted malware disguised as game

SC Magazine dives into fake apps that can sneak malware into your system.


Rethinking IT security in a remote and mobile-working world

CSO looks at the vulnerabilities that are presented by VPN use and other ways to approach data security.


Even with a VPN, open Wi-Fi exposes users

VPNs are often used to try to keep secure, but nothing is perfect; Ars Technica discusses vulnerabilities that still exist when using public Wi-Fi.


10 Security Tips For Remote And Mobile Working

Working remotely or while traveling is becoming increasingly common; MinuteHack shares some advice for keeping data secure.





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