How it really happened : NINJIO Season 3, Episode 3, Chicken or Smish


In NINJIO’s Season 3, Episode 3, while chatting over lunch Megan receives a text from her bank, alerting her to suspicious activity.  Worried, she quickly begins to follow the instructions, but before she can fully act, her friend intervenes with a warning.  The text could be a Smish attack.  As users and companies grow more accustomed to standard phishing emails, hackers find new ways to get what they want.  It’s vital to be wary of unexpected links, even when they come through a text from what seems like a trusted source.


How to Spot a Smishing Attack

Absolute Security Insider blog goes over some great tips to help spot Smishing attacks.


Look out for more Smishing this year

Phishing has been around for some time, and so has Smishing, but Security Boulevard looks at its trending popularity and the reasons we see this increase.


Phishing, vishing and smishing

Hackers love to phish; Action Fraud in the UK discusses the different phishing methods.


Android Banking Trojan MoqHao Targets South Korea Users

Security Affairs brings us an example of a widespread Smishing scheme, targeting users and installing malware on their mobile devices.


HMRC halts thousands of scam text messages

The UK Revenue and Customs office is warning taxpayers to watch out for illegitimate text messages claiming to be from the HMRC.








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