How it really happened : NINJIO Season 3, Episode 5, The Macro Trojan Takedown


In NINJIO’s Season 3, Episode 5,  a routine day at air traffic control turns dangerous when the system begins to glitch.  Macro-based malware made it into the organization’s system, rendering their equipment useless.  The result could put innocent lives at stake.  Whenever an email is received with an attachment containing macros, it’s a best practice to verify who sent the file and whether or not it should be trusted.


BlackEnergy Involved in Targeted Attack Against Boryspil Airport, Says Ukraine

Tripwire looks at the malware called BlackEnergy and its attempts to shut down an airport in Ukraine.


Data Snapshot: Security, privacy, and the shadowy risks of bypassing IT

This Spiceworks article dives into the dangers of bypassing the IT department or specialists within an organization.


Main Street Cybersecurity: Can Email Be Safe?

CTO Vision examines email security, and the best ways to be truly safe in a largely online world.


It’s a Wild, Wild Word: New Macro Malware Now Infecting Both Windows and MacOS

Security Intelligence looks at the dangers of macro-based malware as it begins to hit more operating systems.


Are your employees committed to information security?  Let’s hope.

The University of Tulsa looks at causes of breaches and hacks, focusing on the importance of emphasizing an organizational commitment to security awareness.






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