How it really happened : NINJIO Season 3, Episode 11, Data Loss by the Logger


In NINJIO’s Season 3, Episode 11, while trying to give his all to a high-profile defense case, Dan chooses to cut a few corners regarding the firm’s IT Security procedures.  The result places his entire career at stake when hackers find a way to gain his exact login credentials.  Keystroke logger awareness is an important tool for users to have; while most updated end-point protection programs will detect these issues, understanding where keystroke loggers can come from could save users and companies time, resources, and more.


Keyloggers Turn to Zoho Office Suite in Droves for Data Exfiltration

Threat Post looks at the Zoho platform abuse that lead to a massive number of keyloggers campaigns.


What is a keylogger and how can you avoid, detect, and remove one?

There are different types of keyloggers; Techniblogic discusses the types, how users can get one, and how to detect and remove them.


Keylogging – how it works and how to protect against cyber criminals

The Daily Herald Business Ledger looks at keylogging and what hackers can gain from using one.


Telecommuting means your security needs are changing.  Is your company caught up?

The workplace is constantly changing; IT Pro Portal discusses some of the risks that this introduces from unprotected Wi-Fi connections to keyloggers taking advantage of collaborative apps.


Law firms must manage cybersecurity risks

Law firms are a large target for cybersecurity attacks; ABA Journal examines the risk and why it is so important to have a robust cybersecurity program.








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