How it really happened : NINJIO Season 4, Episode 11, Disregard the Gift Card


In NINJIO’s Season 4, Episode 11, it’s an urgent request – get fifteen $150 gift cards and send the codes immediately!  Before rushing to comply, it’s important to slow down and carefully consider all the details…





Business email fraud makes gift card fraud even worse

PaymentSource notes that gift card fraud is very commonly mixed with gift card fraud since it is an easy way to scam thousands of dollars out of people.


Paying Scammers with Gift Cards

The United States FTC discusses how some of these scams works and warns how to spot some of the most common stories told to consumers by the criminals.


Beware phony gift card email scams: Here’s why attackers love using them

ZDNet examines gift card scams and the business email compromise messages that trick users into giving up gift card codes.


Email Scammers Ditch Wire Transfers for iTunes Gift Cards

Gift card scams are lucrative and incredibly difficult to trace; Wired looks at the reasons why gift card scams are often used by scammers.


How Gift Card Scams Are Used to Finance Fraud

Gift card scams can impact the business place and the private sector; the AARP discusses how these scams work and what to avoid.



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