Case study: Government employees drastically reduce susceptibility breaches

Case study: Government employees drastically reduce susceptibility breaches

The Situation: Recent municipal-level cybersecurity attacks (think: Baltimore, Laredo, New Orleans) have highlighted the vulnerability of government bodies to external attacks. In fact, one study found that 44 percent of local governments report being “under attack hourly or daily.”

The key to thwarting attacks at the onset is educating employees, since one simple mistake, i.e. one click on a contaminated link, could lead to a statewide infection. NINJIO worked with one Southwest city to train employees to detect and address cyberattacks, and drastically increase compliance with cybersecurity best practices. 

The Results: 98.5 percent of the 2,000 employees completed their NINJIO training, which entailed watching a series of NINJIO videos and subsequently engaging with simulated phishing attempts. The city’s IT manager reported those “current on their NINJIO videos were less likely to fall for the PhishMe simulations” and “behavior/accidental issues by our employees were invariably caused by employees not current in their NINJIO content.”

The Bottom Line: Today, the city employees refer to hackers who’ve been foiled as having been “NINJIO’d.” Engaging with NINJIO content has measurably improved the city’s cyber defense by helping to form habits and create a culture of security. 

Check out the entire case study here.

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