How it really happened : NINJIO Season 5, Episode 4, Let’s Get Physical

In NINJIO Season 5: Episode 4, Let’s Get Physical, With the increase of employees working from home and social distancing in place if you are working at an office, physical security becomes increasingly more important. In this episode, we learn why it is important to stay vigilant and adhere to physical security policies, as well as stay alert for other physical security risks. Threat actors count on employees being overly courteous and trusting of others, yet we must be sure to always take the proper steps for observed violations of a policy, regardless of deadlines or how convincing a person may be.”

Killer USB Breach Highlights Need for Physical Security

A naïve attempt at revenge has landed a former college student in court facing up to 10 years in prison and a maximum of $250,000 in fines.


Why Physical Security for Your Business Is Just as Critical as Online Security

Adopting the best practices for both your organization’s physical locations and online presence can work wonders in building consumer confidence, alongside a host of additional benefits.


25 Physical Security Tips for Employees

Physical security at the workplace must cover multiple aspects such as protection of the person, the office, electronic systems and data from various threats.


Face It — Biometrics to be Big in Cybersecurity

Facial recognition, fingerprint scans, voiceprints and even physical security keys can do the job faster and better than passwords.


Cyber Security vs. Physical Security: What Do CEOs Care About?

One likely explanation for the pursuit of a holistic security approach are blended threats, including the insider threat, and the importance of physical security to the integrity of company networks.


Why Physical Security Should Be as Important as Cybersecurity

Here are five tips to help small businesses increase physical security measures and protect their technology investments and data.

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