Case Study: Healthcare organization improves cybersecurity compliance

Case Study: Healthcare organization improves cybersecurity compliance

The Situation: With the rapid adoption of digital technology and IoT in medical practices (all of which being temptingly “hackable”), the vulnerability of healthcare institutions has skyrocketed in recent years. Acknowledging this, one East Coast-based medical organization sought NINJIO to strengthen its first line of defense: employees. 

The organization is particularly concerned about four major types of cyberattacks: password compromise, ransomware, malware, and phishing. NINJIO created a customized cybersecurity training solution (that plugs right into its existing learning management system) to address particular attack vectors under the organization’s criteria.

The Results: By providing customized content specific to the real-life cybersecurity threats the organization experiences, NINJIO helped employees create security habits that were immediately applicable, such as stopping a phishing attempt that put classified access credentials at risk.

The Bottom Line: Before the healthcare organization started working with NINJIO, the security team had no way of tracking compliance with its cybersecurity initiatives. Now, the organization is confident that compliance will continue to increase, and “users are even able to apply what they learned in the video to their personal life.”

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