6 Tips for Working From Home Safely and Securely

6 Tips for Working From Home Safely and Securely

6 Tips for Working Safely from Home 

Before COVID-19, working from home was a rare occurrence for many employees. But in the last several months, the workforce has undergone a crash course in remote work. In fact, in a recent survey by Morphisec, nearly 50 percent of respondents reported working from home for the first time during the pandemic.

This widespread remote work comes with obvious security risks — especially when employees don’t have the necessary resources and training to mimic enterprise-level security measures at home. Morphisec’s survey also found that 56 percent of employees are using their personal computers for work, and 23 percent noted they didn’t know what security protocols or software were on the devices they were using. 

To help keep companies, employees, and families safe, we published this article in Home Business Magazine on what companies and employees need to know to work securely from home. As with most cybersecurity concerns, the remedy to this situation is education via training and awareness. 

The article included six basic device security measures that every employee should adopt: 

  1. Always keep all of your devices and apps updated with the latest security software
  2. Use a VPN whenever you’re on a WiFi network you don’t trust
  3. Use high-quality endpoint protection (Webroot, for instance)
  4. Don’t reuse passwords
  5. Implement multi-factor authentication wherever possible
  6. Double-check email senders and recipients

Cybersecurity practices are most effective when they become habits. That’s why every company must invest in fostering a culture of communication across a remote workforce. To learn more about what you and your company can do, read the full article here.

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