Introducing “Cyber Goes Hollywood” Podcast

Introducing “Cyber Goes Hollywood” Podcast

It’s always been part of our mission at NINJIO to spread security awareness as efficiently and effectively as possible. That’s why we produce short, 3 to 5-minute episodes with engaging, gamified content instead of boring Powerpoint slides and draining lectures.

To further this mission, we’ve partnered with Cybercrime Magazine to launch Cyber Goes Hollywood, a new podcast series with equally pithy, 3 to 5-minute audio episodes on the business of NINJIO and the future of security awareness training. In each episode, NINJIO CEO Zack Schuler sits down with Hillarie McClure, multimedia director at Cybercrime Magazine to discuss NINJIO secrets, the cybersecurity industry, and hot takes from today’s cybersecurity news. In the series, you learn:

  • How to use emotional storytelling to deliver teachable, memorable moments. 
  • How NINJIO innovates to stay on top of the ever-changing cybersecurity news landscape.
  • Why curiosity is one of the greatest vulnerabilities hackers take advantage of and how NINJIO helps rewire the brain to reduce that risk
  • The secrets to NINJIO’s pro-grade, Hollywood-style production
  • Why friends and family are always at the center of what NINJIO does
  • What happened when a NINJIO client worked with the Department of Homeland Security to simulate a phishing attack (only 1 in 600 employees fell for the bait)
  • And so much more.

New episodes come out every week, each more interesting than the last. And all clips are under 5-minutes so you can listen to-go between tasks or during breaks.

Listen to the up-to-date Cyber Goes Hollywood catalog here, or check out Cybercrime Magazine’s other podcast series (including a 12 episode-series featuring women in cybersecurity) here.

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