NINJIO Named 30 Most Influential Companies of 2020

NINJIO Named 30 Most Influential Companies of 2020

We’re pleased to share that NINJIO was recently named as one of CIO Bulletin’s 30 Most Influential Companies of the Year 2020 as well as 10 Best Cyber Security Companies 2020.

This announcement comes at a time when cybersecurity risks are at an all-time high, and security awareness has never been more important. We were thrilled that CIO Bulletin chose to put a spotlight on NINJIO’s mission to help companies and families stay secure.

Other solutions train employees in threats that have been prevalent a year ago and not ones that they are facing today. NINJIO constantly monitors the threat landscape as it evolves and changes for the latest breaches and the latest hacks. That’s why we release episodes in a 30-day cycle so that we’re always pushing out highly relevant content that depicts what is going on right now. Be it a new phishing attack style, a smishing attack, or a new COVID-19 scam, our content serves to educate the viewers on the attacks that are currently on the rise. 

Our proprietary content systematically informs employees of the latest happenings in the world of cyberattacks and cybersecurity. And with our “Friends and Family Use Rights” in each subscription, employees are aware that by educating themselves they are not just protecting themselves but all of their loved ones at home.

We’re grateful to be considered amongst the ranks of some of the best cybersecurity companies out there, and want to extend the warmest congratulations to co-winners, including BioCatch, BeClever, Avanan, ADAMnetworks, Stellar Cyber, Ermetic, BlueVoyant, and CalypsoAI.

Read the full release on CIO Bulletin here

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