How to Stop Spearphishing While WFH

How to Stop Spearphishing While WFH

Wherever you work —home, office, or on the beach—spear phishing attacks can happen.

In 2020, COVID-19 has created a perfect environment for spear phishing hackers, and remote workers are low-hanging fruit for hackers. Now, amid continuing lockdowns, hackers’ attention remains on the millions of employees working from home, coffee shops, libraries and on the go who aren’t operating on secured company networks. 

Matt Lindley, COO and CISO of NINJIO, was tapped by Toolbox for Security to explain how and why spear phishing works and how to prevent these attacks no matter where you work.Matt advises employees to take extra precautions and stay cautious so that they don’t make themselves or their organizations vulnerable to a spear phishing attack.

Here are a few tips from Matt for staying safe from spear phishing attacks while working from home: 

  • If possible, avoid using personal accounts and devices for work-related activities 
  • Double check domain names, email addresses, and all other identifying information to ensure that you’re only visiting legitimate sites and interacting with real colleagues 
  • Confirm requests for information (especially if these requests involve money) by independently corroborating them with the businesses and institutions in question
  • Be suspicious of communications that sound coercive or threatening, even if they appear to be from organizations you trust 

Head over to Toolbox to read the full article and get more remote work security advice.

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