What if my employee doesn’t have an email address?

The Learning Management System does track employees by unique email address, so every employee will need an email address in order to be uploaded into the LMS.

I see other fields available – can I use those?

There are many information fields that you can use – the most common, in addition to the required email, first, and last name, are Title and Division.

What should I put down as my Group? Can I have more than one?

Your Group is your company name, and must be the same for all employees. We suggest using fields like Title or Division to differentiate if you have different company locations, etc.



Sample Co.

Sample Co.














Sample Main

Sample Global

Can I see an episode before it is released? What happens if I don’t like it, or it has no relevance to our organization?

Yes, about 1 week before the monthly launch, we will send the NINJIO Point of Contact a Wistia link to preview the video. It’s at that point you can opt out. Simply reply to the email and say, “Opt Out.” We will then contact you so that you can pick a prior video to be inserted for that month.

Limitations of the system.

Because the software is a “shared instance” (in other words, other organizations will have their data on the same server (all protected from everyone else), we are not able to brand the site, change the messages that go out, or utilize SSO. If we changed it for you, it would get changed for everyone else!

Does NINJIO have any videos on any thing else other than Security Awareness, such as HR Training, etc.?

For the time being, 100% of our efforts are dedicated to Security Awareness and will be that way for the foreseeable future. There may come a time whereby we offer other pieces of content for other divisions of the organization, but for now it is Cyber Security all the way!

What sort of reporting is available?

You will receive detailed reports from us every Thursday with full engagement tracking. These reports get very granular down to the user and the Episode, how long it took them to finish the Episode, etc.

Will I be able to update and remove users?

Yes, you’ll be able to add and remove users within the system.

What if my number of users go up or down?

We will bill you for the number of users that you have in the system around the first of the month. If adding/removing employees up or down will put you in a different price band, we will bill at the price band accordingly. The price band can be found at https://ninjio.com/aviva toward the bottom of the page.

Is support available?

Yes, you can reach out to help@ninjio.com at any time. NINJIO is based in California, so hours are 8:30AM-5:00PM PST, Monday-Friday, so if you email us at 4PM, you probably won’t get an answer until the next morning.