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NIST Compliance with respect to Security Awareness Training (NIST SP 800-50) is a very stringent guideline.

In doing work with organizations that are bound by NIST, or simply want to use it as a guideline, we have created a 6-page white paper that will guide you through how exactly NINJIO complies or doesn’t comply with NIST SP 800-50)

NIST has a strong separation between “Awareness” and “Training” and those two terms really shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence. NINJIO falls heavily on the Awareness side. NIST SP 800-16 digs a lot deeper into the training side, which applies to those organizations who create custom training courses that go deep into a Client’s environment.

If you are interested in learning how NINJIO can help, our white paper lays it all out.

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