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If your organization is looking to train 101-300,000 employees, then please visit

Yes. NINJIO AWARE is currently subtitled into many different languages. This includes Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and many more. If the language has already been produced, then there is a small operational fee per language. If the language has not been produced, we have the ability to subtitle in almost any language for an additional subtitling fee.

No single solution, or even a combination of all of the best solutions, will prevent you from getting hacked.  That being said, NINJIO has a proven methodology where, through our episodic learning, we ultimately create a habitual routine of cybersecurity.

Yes. NINJIO is constantly staying on top of the latest breaches that have the highest likelihood of being relevant to your users.  With engaging narratives about real-world hacks, users are more likely to pay attention to our content.

Learning Management System (LMS) is an online system or software that is used to plan, execute, and assess a specific learning process. In simple words, an LMS is software used to deliver eLearning programs (or in NINJIO's case, "NINJIO AWARE episodes") and helps in administration, documentation, tracking, and recording.

Yes. You can host our library of NINJIO AWARE™ content on your own Learning Management System or via an alternative internal delivery method.

The average length of an episode is 3-4 minutes.

The full NINJIO Hosted or Enterprise subscription allows access to all seasons. NINJIO also sells content in "packs" where our customers can pick a specific 4, 6, or 8 episodes only.

NINJIO produces episodes in many different file types, including SCORM 1.2, 2004 v2, 3, and 4, Tin Can, HTML5, and .mp4.

After you sign up, the onboarding process will begin almost immediately.  A quick PDF that explains onboarding in a bit more detail can be found here.

You cannot customize the actual NINJIO content.  That said, with our Private Portal solution, you are able to use your own branding and customize your messaging.

Starting in mid 2020, NINJIO will be offering fully customized content.

Inspired by our founder, NINJIO is an organization passionate about people. Not only do we protect individuals from cyberthreats, but we also help them become defenders of their families and organizations. NINJIO creates safer environments and better lives – a mindset that led us to launch our NINJIO Cares program. When your employees adopt a “security awareness mindset,” your organization will have the opportunity to do some good with what you learn.

At the end of every year, we will examine the average engagement percentage (how many employees watched and completed the episodes) at each of our partners. The winner in every size category will be awarded a $5,000 check made payable to the charity of their choice. Seven winners will be chosen.

Yes, we work with a lot of nonprofits and have nonprofit pricing available.

Simulated phishing is not a core part of our solution, but we have many partners who offer NINJIO content as part of their Phishing solution.  In addition, we partner with a company called PhishingBox which has direct API integration into our platform so that you don't have to manage multiple email addresses.

Yes. Starting in Q4 of 2018, NINJIO started to produce a series called "NINJIO NANO." These episodes are 1.5 to 2 minutes long and is done in NINJIO's "Corporate" animation style. We also provide infographics and anchoring cartoon comics that showcase the teachable NINJIO "Nuggets" in a fast, easy-to-understand way.

You have access to both ANIME and CORPORATE styles.

NINJIO AWARE™ Anime uses American anime cartoon characters to educate users about cybersecurity awareness. This video format uses NINJIO’s signature Hollywood-style storytelling that shapes the behavior of employees, staff, and team members to raise the security bar in the office and at home.

NINJIO AWARE™ CORPORATE uses a more conservative style of animation and character sets compared to NINJIO AWARE TM ANIME. No matter the style, each episode is derived from the same topic, script, and voice acting, with the only difference being different character styles. This video format uses NINJIO’s signature Hollywood-style storytelling and helps shape the behavior of employees, staff, and team members to raise the security bar in the office and at home.

There are 12 episodes per year, or season. We are currently working on Season 4.  At present we have 48 general security awareness episodes complete and a total of 15 compliance based security awareness episodes covering CCPA, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA.

Season 5 begins January of 2020.

We release a new episode monthly.

Competition encourages engagement and retention. Individuals who complete episodes quickly and pass the quiz earn more points, securing a top spot on the leaderboard. This creates an incentive to learn the lesson thoroughly.

Through our dedicated hosting platform, customers gain access to a full reporting dashboard. With insights about which registered user has or hasn’t completed training, you can better assess your organization’s “security risk profile.”

Registered Learners can add up to 7 family members or friends at no additional cost.

The quiz is presented in a single question, multiple choice, multiple answer format.  Therefore users have to think more thoroughly to get the answer correct, which also serves as part of their education process on the episode they just watched.  Users are required to complete quizzes successfully to receive credit for the course.

In addition, for those taking advantage of our points scoring/gamification feature, when the quiz in answered correctly the first time, your user earns 3 points.... second time, 2 points.... third time, one point. After that, a box of tissues, but they still earn credit for taking the quiz.

With the exception of NINJIO SMB, our solution focused on 100 employees or less, our standard term minimum is one year.  If you intend not to continue after your 1 year commitment, simply give us 30 days notice and your subscription will be cancelled.

NINJIO has an exciting road map in front of us.

Starting in Season 5, we will be offering two completely different tracks.  The first is called NINJIO HOME which focuses on the education of 8-13 year old children as well as their parents.

Also starting in Season 5, we will be offering NINJIO HR.  This will be a broad base of coverage around general HR compliance topics covering items such as sexual harassment, ethics, privacy, anti-bribery, etc.  All of these topics will be delivered through the traditional NINJIO storytelling format.

In mid-2020, we anticipate having the ability to create fully custom content for our clients.

“This stuff really works! The information is presented in an interesting and engaging manner. It really is like a four-minute break from the workday.”

Mortgage originator in the finance industry

“The most efficient defense against data breaches and viruses. This product has prevented countless potential threats – from data security breaches to viruses.”

Employment coordinator in the services industry

“NINJIO offers incredibly effective security awareness training because it’s entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Your employees will actually enjoy the learning experience and look forward to new episodes.”

Account executive from a mid-size organization

“The videos are informative and entertaining. NINJIO has a great product and fantastic service. The sales process was very easy, and the price is very attractive.”

Partner in the finance industry

"NINJIO’s content is amazing. The subject matter is timely and provides valuable advice for our team to follow so that we can avoid online security issues."

Co-chairman in the service industry

“NINJIO is a leader in cybersecurity awareness training. The monthly episodes are innovative and unlike any other training available in today’s market.”

Team leader in the service industry

“Great value and fast results on cybersecurity behavior. The videos are short, fun, and easy to distribute to employees. We’ve seen click-through rates on spam test emails drop rapidly.”

Accounting director in government

“The NINJIO team has been stellar since our initial contact. Everything from product overview and testing, pricing negotiation, and implementation has been very smooth and flawless.”

CIO / VP in the education industry

“The key with security training is to make it relevant, engaging, and entertaining. I have employees waiting for the next release because they love the episodes.”

CIO in the manufacturing industry

"This is cybersecurity training at its best. NINJIO provides lessons that are easy to digest for employees with all levels of technical understanding. The episodes benefit the enterprise as well as their personal lives."

IT director at a large organization