Help NINJIO celebrate our four-year anniversary, give the gift of security awareness


IBM reports that anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of breaches are caused by human error, not merely technological glitches. According to Accenture, there has been a 67 percent increase in security breaches over the past five years. A recent Global Information Security Survey says that more than one-third of organizations say careless employees are their biggest security risk.

So, how have we tackled this problem?

Over the last four years, we have focused on serving employees and their families: educating them about security breaches, how to avoid hackers, and more. Through our Hollywood style storytelling and micro-learning videos, more than one million individuals have become security defenders at their organizations and in their homes; while companies have seen up to a 500% increase in security awareness and fewer breaches across the board.

Today, as a public service and celebration of our four-year company anniversary, we’ve released three of our top episodes—no login or subscription needed—each one written by Hollywood’s Bill Haynes and animated by industry veteran Ben Reynolds.

Check them out and share with anyone who may benefit from creating a culture of security within their organization, and tell us what you think @Im_NINJIO. – Season 2: Ep. 2, “The Homeless Homebuyer” – Season 3: Ep. 5, “The Macro Trojan Takedown” – Season 4: Ep. 4, “It’s not what you think”


Help us spread the security awareness love and let’s tackle bad actors, hackers, and malicious attackers one educational video at a time!

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