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Enterprise organizations typically have multiple compliance requirements that they are required to comply with.  Most of these Enterprises have mature awareness programs in place that help meet those requirements. Unfortunately, in many cases their awareness trainings are a “check the box” exercise and most of us agree that COMPLIANCE DOES NOT EQUAL EDUCATION. So, you’ll pass the audit, but are your employees really more secure?

If you were to run an internet search on “Micro-Learning and Behavior Change” it will result in almost endless articles and studies showing the efficacy of this type of learning in corporate environments. There is no disputing that micro-learning and behavior change go hand-in-hand.

NINJIO AWARE Enterprise is a Micro-Learning solution and might be a perfect overlay to augment your current program. With our Enterprise clients, NINJIO is the perfect solution to create behavioral change as we deliver brief ENGAGING episodes with frequency, and new content is released every 30 days. You can visit our NINIJO AWARE section to learn all the details about our content.

With NINJIO AWARE Enterprise, we offer two different ways to procure our content.

From the minute you sign up, you’ll have access to every episode we’ve created, and every episode we will produce during the term of your subscription. These Episodes will be delivered to you in your choice of SCORM, .mp4, .mov, or HTML5. Or all of them if you wish!  With this subscription we offer a flexible billing model, and our clients typically choose monthly.

In this subscription model, you can choose a 4Pack, 6Pack, or an 8Pack. You choose the Episodes you want. This package is great for those organizations who might want to only run a NINJIO Episode once a quarter, or every other month. With this subscription model, payment is made up front.  You will have a full year with this subscription to deploy your selected Episodes.  You are also able to choose the Episodes you’d like over the course of the year (i.e. you don’t need to choose them all at once).