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NINJIO is a “Content First” Company. Over 200 hours are spent on each Episode, to deliver the highest quality product on the market today. Most Awareness providers are “Phishing First” companies who have viewed Awareness content as an after-thought.  As Gartner states in their 2017 Magic Quadrant paper, “Content is King”



Chicken or Smish –

With better e-mail phishing technologies out there, and the public more generally aware of e-mail phishing, an increasing number of Smishing Attacks are on the rise.


The most popular deployment methodology:
NINJIO AWARE Hosted Services—Up and learning within 24 hours.

For more details, check out “AWARE IN DEPTH.”

Each 3-4 minute animated Episode is written by a true Hollywood writer, focusing on a single attack-vector around one real life significant breach.

New Episodes are released every 30 days to keep your employees informed on current threats—each story is fresh, engaging, and we never tell the same story twice.

NINJIO encourages quick consumption of the Episode after it is released.  Quick consumption will take you to the top of the leaderboard!


Hosted Services

With our NINJIO AWARE Hosted Services option, you “set it and forget it.” We handle all aspects of the deployment process, and it is all done on our cloud based Learning Management System. We register your users in our system, deploy the episodes every 30 days, and deliver reporting to your inbox. You also have full access to a dashboard that allows for customizable reporting, and gives you the ability to add and remove users. There isn’t much for you to do except sit back and rely on us to get your users educated, and elevate your Security posture.

Private Portal

With our NINJIO AWARE Private Portal option, we spin up your very own Learning Management System that is completely customizable. Your logos, your corporate colors and other visual assets, all become a part of your Private Portal. We upload our episodes as they are completed, every 30 days, and deploy them on a schedule that you and NINJIO have built together. You have the ability to create custom reporting to meet your needs and add and remove users through your dashboard. In addition, the Private Portal option gives those organizations who have Single Sign On Technology the ability to integrate into the portal using SSO options such as SAML, OKTA, and ADFS.

NINJIO AWARE is a Micro-Learning solution and might be a perfect overlay to augment your current program. With our Enterprise clients, NINJIO is the perfect solution to create behavioral change as we deliver brief ENGAGING episodes with frequency, and new content is released every 30 days. We license that content to you for deployment in your own systems, and deliver you the file type of your choice (SCORM, .mp4, etc.).