How it really happened : NINJIO Season 3, Episode 6, Ransomware is Everywhere


In NINJIO’s Season 3, Episode 6, an entire city shuts down and panic ensures; crucial city systems are being held up by hackers using ransomware.  Either the city can try to gain access themselves or pay the perpetrators.  The first step is tracking down where the ransomware came from and understanding the breakdown in simple policies that put them in this dire situation.  Controlling access to your devices and keeping work and personal business separate are good steps to avoiding ransomware; it’s best to constantly remain vigilant in regards to cyber security.



Atlanta Spent $2.6M to Recover From a $52,000 Ransomware Scare

Even beyond the ransoms demanded, ransomware can cost millions of dollars – Wired looks at the wide range of impacts that Atlanta suffered from the attack.


Atlanta mayor says ransomware attack exposed a blind spot for the community

State Scoop discusses the Atlanta ransomware attack and the weakness this exposed; cyber security is increasingly a topic that should remain top of mind.


Ten Best Practices for Outsmarting Ransomware

SC Magazine discusses the ins and outs of the Ransomware used in the Atlanta attack, and some best practices to help avoid these threats.


Nearly 50,000 Minecraft Accounts Infected with Malware Thanks to Modified Skins

Variety looks at a hash of downloadable content for the popular game Minecraft that included malware – on the game company’s own website.


Ransomware Attacks Emerge as Key Cyber Security Threat, Verizon Report Says

Security Boulevard discusses ransomware as a key threat, with many organizations not investing time or training into combating the issue.





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