How Effective is Computer-Based Training?

How Effective is Computer-Based Training?

Last month, we announced our renewed title as Customers’ Choice in the security awareness computer-based training (SACBT) market, based on Gartner reviews.

Gartner described the SACBT market as vendors with security awareness training products that “include ready-to-use, interactive software modules. These modules are available as internet-based services or on-premises deployments through client-managed learning management systems…”

As for computer-based training (CBT), it’s “a central component of a comprehensive security education and behavior management program.”

Computer-based training has been around as long as computers have. As Paul Nicholson reports in “A History of E-Learning” (2007), “for the past 40 years, educators and trainers at all levels of Education, Business, Training and the Military made use of computers in different ways to support and enhance teaching and learning.”

 So why is CBT so important for security awareness training and why have we dedicated our company to it?

 Why Computer-Based Training?

First, let’s discuss the advantages of CBT over traditional in-person instruction.

You may have heard these stats before: people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, and 80% of what they do. Despite being controversial, the principle holds: people learn best when doing.

CBT allows for interactivity that optimizes the learning experience. Many security-awareness training programs offer instruction through video and supporting media then engage learners with quizzes, projects and activities, all of which serve to maximize retention.

Reasons companies prefer SACBT:

Reasons employees prefer SACBT:

  • It’s standardized and consistent
  • It’s flexible
  • It’s private and non-judgemental
  • It’s repeatable
  • It’s shareable
  • It’s location-independent

 How Effective is It?

Given its many benefits, CBT has made it easier over the years from employees to get the information they need and quickly apply it. Many studies report different findings on the quantitative advantages over in-person instruction, but most studies agree: CBT is either as effective or more effective than in-person training.

Even more impressive, the Journal of Business and Psychology reported that “one month after the training was complete, the computer-based training allowed for much greater retention than the classroom method.”

Our mission with CBT it to make security awareness training accessible to everyone. Getting access to the information is just as important as retaining it when it comes to spreading security awareness.

With security awareness computer-based training, we’re working toward a world with fewer data breaches and more #securitydefenders.  What’s your favorite way to learn?

To learn more about NINJIO services, contact us today to speak with a security awareness training expert.

Read the full report: Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Security Awareness Computer-Based Training Market

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