How it really happened : NINJIO Season 1, Episode 8, Catfishing


In Episode 8, Keith falls into a Catfishing scam through an online dating website.  Online dating scams are extremely common and relatively easy to pull off for the hacker.  They use peoples emotions to draw them in, then use their victim to commit bank fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities.  The end result of a Catfishing scam can leave the victim in severe legal trouble and can negatively impact their lives both personally and professionally.  On the other hand, if you are armed with the right information, online dating scams are also easy to detect.


  1. What is Catfishing? A Brief (and Sordid) History

The “catfish” term dates back to 2010. This article discusses the history of catfishing and why it’s become a popular method for scammers.


  1. Online Dating Scams Like Catfishing Hook Unsuspecting Victims Looking for Love

Many times, online catfish scammers target banking credentials and transactions. This BankRate article discusses catfishing and the red flags to watch for with online dating conversations.


  1. Web Scams 101: 8 Ways to Catch a Catfish

Catfish always give signs that they are not who they say they are. This article discusses the red flags and what you can do to verify that you’re speaking to a possible scammer.


  1. Florida Gators ‘Insider’ Outed as Catfish Who Scammed Fans, Media, Recruits

Catfish scams can fool thousands of people at a time, not just one person. A recent scam was outed when a popular Twitter account claiming to be an insider informant for the Florida Gators was found to be a fraud.


  1. Investment, Dating Scams Tricked Australians Out of $229 Million in 2015

Dating scams cost individuals millions of dollars in fraudulent investments and bank transactions. This article discusses how dating scams have increased in Australia and cost users millions of dollars.

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