How it really happened : NINJIO Season 1, Episode 11, Electronic Vote Machine Hacking

In this Episode, what everyone thought was a one-side Presidential race took a radical turn on voting day. While exit polls showed one candidate with a clear win, the actual polls, especially in the battleground states, were showing something quite different. We come to learn that volunteer poll workers were targeted with a scam whereby when setting up the voting booths, they were instructed to call Microsoft due to a supposed major computer issue.


  1. Obama Considers ‘Proportional’ Response to Russian Hacking in U.S. Election

It’s already been reported that Russia allegedly attempted to interfere with the US election in October.  This article discusses the election and the hacker’s attempt at sabotage.


  1. Russian Hackers Could Fake Evidence of Electoral Fraud, Warn U.S. Officials

With the recent attack on the electoral campaign, security experts warn that more could be in the future.


  1. Fake Windows Tech Support Calls Continue to Plague Consumers

Security experts warn that one way hackers could sabotage elections is through fake security warnings and tech support popups.


  1. Fake Flash Player Update Infects Macs with Scareware

One way hackers trick users into installing malware is through fraudulent Flash upgrade messages. This attack affects Mac and PC users.


  1. Avoiding Technical Support Scams

Scammers pretend to be Microsoft tech support and call victims in an attempt to have them install software that allows the attacker to remotely control the machine. The attack is so common that Microsoft has an advisory on the issue to help consumers understand and identify these scams.

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