How it really happened : NINJIO Season 3, Episode 9, Strawberry X Forever


In NINJIO’s Season 3, Episode 9, a submarine commander faces a potentially deadly attack.  It seems that an enemy obtained confidential data about the submarine’s sensors; the contractor responsible needs to track down what happened and make some changes, fast.  Setting your mobile devices to not automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks is a quick and easy safety measure to avoid this type of hack.


Do This 1 Thing to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Automatically connecting to trusted Wi-Fi networks or public networks opens the door for hackers; Time Magazine discusses the number one way to protect yourself.


Five ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi honeypots

CNET looks at a Wi-Fi Pineapple device that was used to walk around a popular festival in Texas, tricking devices to automatically connect; check out their tips to avoid someone doing it with malicious intent.


A security company used a Raspberry Pi to hack a network

Tech Radar examines another way that small, portable, and affordable devices can be used to gain access to a company network.


Researchers Found They Could Hack Entire Wind Farms

Wired talks with a researcher that found a simple and affordable way to hack crucial systems like a wind farm using just a small and affordable computing device called a Raspberry Pi.


Managing Enterprise Security Risk on Vacation

Public Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hacks presented by maliciously used devices can present a huge risk, especially during travel; Security Intelligence discusses mobile security while away from the office.






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