How it really happened : NINJIO Season 3, Episode 10, A Terminal Mistake


In NINJIO’s Season 3, Episode 10, we take a close look at spear phishing. When it comes to spear phishing attacks, there are a number of clues that a user can look for to make sure they don’t fall victim to a hacker.  These clues were overlooked, and now, the Prime Minister must take the stage to discuss the resulting security breach…as well as her own resignation.  Reviewing suspicious emails for these clues can help catch these attacks and make sure that you and your company remain secure.


Singapore personal data hack hits 1.5m, health authority says

The BBC reports on the SingHealth breach, as well as Singapore’s focus on cybersecurity.


Phishing attack breaches 38,000 patient records at Legacy Health

Phishing is rampant in the healthcare industry; Healthcare IT News reports on another large attack that happened recently in Portland, Oregon.


What spear phishing is (with examples) and how can you avoid it

Comparitech examines spear phishing, distinguishing it from other types of scams; knowing the details can help users avoid falling for these attacks.


How to Protect Businesses from Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling

Businesses are at great risk from Spear Phishing and other pointed attacks; BizTech discusses the hacks, looking to garner habits that will protect businesses.


PDF exploit built to combine zero-day Windows and Adobe Reader bugs

SC Magazine breaks down the exploit that was found using PDF files; the attack took advantage of an Adobe Reader bug and a Windows bug to create an incredibly powerful threat.






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