How it really happened : NINJIO Season 4, Episode 9, USB Nation


In NINJIO’s Season 4, Episode 9, we see how human curiosity opens the door to hackers and scammers.  A USB drive, cleverly labelled as something that anybody would want to know, can act as the perfect bait for a large-scale infrastructure attack.  Being aware of the issues that a found USB drive represents and taking appropriate action if one is found are crucial for cyber-security.




Global hacking campaign targets critical infrastructure

These hacks place people everywhere at risk; CNET discusses how this can happen, noting that in many cases, security awareness and discussions can help prevent these from happening altogether.


Attack of the Killer USBs: Don’t Be the Next Victim

Security Boulevard looks at the risk that USB drop attacks can have on company information.


A malicious USB stick could crash your Windows PC, even if it’s locked

USB drop attacks rely on curiosity; TechRepublic discusses how, even if you don’t act on anything once you’ve plugged in an unknown drive, you’re still at risk.


Social Engineering Using a USB Drive

Carnegie Mellon University provides a detailed write-up on different forms of Social Engineering attacks, paying close attention to USB drops and prevention.


5 Social Engineering Attacks to Watch Out For

USB drops is a form of Social Engineering where hackers “bait” users with a physical media device.  TripWire details additional methods that hackers might use to accomplish a similar goal.


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